What do the numbers on a disc mean?​

Learn about the numbers on a disc.


Number range: 1 to 14

Scenario: If you throw a 3 speed disc with a lot of speed, then the disc will TURN to the right a lot faster, because it is not designed to handle high speed. However, if you throw a 12 speed disc with low speed, then the disc will FADE a lot sooner, because it never reached its required speed.


Number range: 1 to 7

This should be pretty self-explanatory, but a good rule of thumb is that high glide helps with distance and low glide helps with accuracy. That’s why putters and mid-range discs tend to have lower glide.


Number range: +1 to -5

Scenario: If you have a disc that is turning over quickly, then that doesn’t necessarily mean you need a disc will less(+) turn. Try putting more hyzer (more counter-clockwise angle) on the disc during your release. Also, try adding more height to the flight and see if you notice a positive difference. And remember keep the nose angle of the disc down!


Number range: 0 to 5

Scenario: If you notice that you’re disc is fading to the left really quickly, then try a disc with less fade or more(-) turn, because your disc is not turning during the initial flight to offer more distance. Remember, that as you build more arm speed you will slowly be moving towards a positive turn and fade.